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Our Favorite Movies of 2020 Random Movie Roulette

2020 may not have been great in most conceivable ways, but even though theatres closed down, there were some great movies this year. Mike, Jack and Louis have seen a lot of them and tell you about their favorites in the RMR Best of 2020 episode!
  1. Our Favorite Movies of 2020
  2. Review: Promising Young Woman (2020)
  3. 102 – Venom (with Brian from The Blood Buddies!)
  4. 101 – How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  5. 100 – The Suckling (with Test Pattern)
  6. 99 – A Ghost Story
  7. 98 – The Burning | Random Movie Roulette
  8. 97 – Cujo and a Rhino-Watch 2020 Update
  9. Nightstream Film Festival: Run, The Doorman, and many more
  10. Interview: By Night's End – Michelle Rose and Phillip Wages