The Best Films of 2020

And with that, this dreadful year comes to an end. There were speed bumps and trials to get through, but somehow we all made it. The film industry will definitely not be the same as I’m sure many of these lists being written are not what their writers expected. Nonetheless, the coming of the new …

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12 Days of TV Christmas

One of the many joys of the Christmas season is seeing the many Christmas themed episodes of your favorite TV shows. It’s always fun to see how a show will tackle their celebration of such a ubiquitous holiday, and still maintain their signature style of charm, humor, and characterization within the framework of a holiday …

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The Best 3-D Films

The audience for 3D movies has certainly dwindled since the acclaimed Avatar came out 11 years ago, but those of us that are left are certainly still passionate about it. Passionate enough to make a list of the best 3D movies that are in our personal Blu-Ray collection. At the time of writing this, all …

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