Friday the 13th Ranked

The Friday the 13th franchise had been a slasher staple in the horror community for 40 years. Jason had evolved from scary killer to supernatural monster and left a trail of pop culture galore the size of the Grand Canyon. His influence may be vast, but his films only count to eleven if you exclude …

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David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet – Review

His voice for nature documentaries, and documentary series, is famous. His passion for preserving the wild and helping us understand the natural ecosystems of our planet is boundless. This time around, Sir David Attenborough presents us with his most personal, almost video essay, documentary. At the time of its recording David Attenborough was 93 years …

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#Alive – Review

South Korea strikes again as Il Cho takes the reigns for the first time as director in this intimate zombie story. Like in Train to Busan, #Alive takes a look at the world as it descends into a zombie infested state, and while there are excellent zombie moments sprinkled throughout its main core of the …

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