Random Movie Roulette started as a podcast back in 2017. The concept was to use the infamous Letterboxd list to randomly generate films to talk about each week. Since its inception the podcast has grown, the bois have gained press privileges, and their quirky empire of the obscure has slowly grown.

With the partnership of film blogger Cody Enos their next phase in film domination is here in the form of this website. Reviews, lists, and horror icons galore will flood your feeds each week.

The bois stream every week on Twitch, which that episode would then be uploaded to YouTube and podcast feeds.

The Cast of Characters:

Louis Otero

Founding Member.

A Journalist/Director/Writer. He has written for Heroic Hollywood and directed the Documentary “Part of Your World.” Wrote the script for the short film “Maniac Nun” as well as the feature film. Also co-host on The Gory Picture Show podcast.

Twitter: @LouisJOtero

Mike Pisakino

Founding Member.

Writer and Podcaster. He has contributed to Before the Cyborgs numerous times and is the co-host of the Crappy Madison Podcast.

Twitter: @RMRCyborgMike

Jack Paterson

Founding Member.

Lover of movies.

Twitter: @JspJack

Cody Enos


Writer. Creator of the Film Assist blog and podcast. Lover of movies and books.

Twitter: @Manimeconquest