The Best Films of 2020

And with that, this dreadful year comes to an end. There were speed bumps and trials to get through, but somehow we all made it. The film industry will definitely not be the same as I’m sure many of these lists being written are not what their writers expected. Nonetheless, the coming of the new year needs a tribute, and a tribute it shall have with these BEST films of 2020. Huzzah!

10) #Alive

This South Korean horror film takes another stab at the zombie genre as the undead apocalypse comes upon the nation suddenly like the plague. Trapped in his apartment, and running low on food, Oh Joon-woo confronts an existential crisis as he comes to the realization that he’ll never see his family again and possibly not come out of this pandemic alive. This is a very timely movie that incorporates technology smartly during a zombie outbreak while it focuses on character rather than the monsters.

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9) Totally Under Control

Are you curious how this COVID-19 pandemic started and then affected the United States of America? Well, this is for you, but know it’s a tough watch. This documentary expertly breaks down the events leading up to the March quarantine order in the United States as well as the effect it had months later. There are clever uses of animation as they help identify when certain actions took place as well as showing how easily the virus had spread. This documentary is emotional and a perfect look into what the hell is going on in this country.

8) Feels Good Man

This documentary primarily focuses on the birth and life of Pepe the Frog. From humble comic origins, the narrative weaves through internet and meme history as it follows Pepe’s fall from grace. Like most knowledge on the internet, not many people know the origins of famous memes. At some point, memes have become culture and scraped away any lingering origins of what made them. This documentary not only touches on how a comic character became a symbol for white supremacy but also details how it changed the lives of the people involved in the character when he was just a simple goofball inside a comic panel.

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7) Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

When the New 52 happened in comics (DC’s restarting of their universe) WB’s animation department followed a similar path with their DC animated movies. Each movie was considered in-universe. For the most part, the majority of voice actors returned with each installment to have some cohesion between movies. Shockingly, this Justice League: Dark sequel (a team that’s made up of the supernatural characters of the DC universe) ends their animated universe for the last seven-ish years in earth-shattering gore. The ambition within this movie is stunning and the scenes presented are arguable as hype-inducing as those from Avengers: Endgame. A beautiful send off to a decade of films.

6) American Murder: The Family Next Door

Crime will never not be fascinating. Here, this documentary chronicles the disappearance of a wife and her daughters. While this isn’t the best “who-done-it” documentary it certainly is made well and thrives on the unbelievable actions that were taken that fateful night. The film does use camera footage from the police so that the audience can see what was going on as if they too were in the room with the people involved. If nothing else, this film will shock you at the audacity some criminals have when trying to get away with their crime.

5) Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb

Raise your hand if The Mummy with Brendan Fraser made you interested in ancient Egypt. This documentary will make you feel like a kid again re-discovering this iconic culture. The film documents an expedition in Saqqara where they happen upon a tomb. This tomb was supposedly used for a high official, but as the team starts deciphering the hieroglyphs, and unearthing the tunnels leading to the sarcophagi, it becomes quickly apparent that certain details do not add up. With incredible discoveries wrapped around a conspiracy, this documentary will make anyone excited for what’s to come next in the field of archeology.

4) We Bare Bears: The Movie

The TV show of We Bare Bears is an enriching delight upon the soul. It talks about family and friends as well as acceptance. Not to mention the wacky adventures the bears find themselves in. This movie acts as the finale, wrapping the series up charmingly and emotionally. The bears caused one too many problems and are forced to flee and find a new home. The story gets a little dark towards the end, but the journey that this film leaves with is all worth it. If nothing else, this soothes the soul in an otherwise turmoil year.

3) A Whisker Away

Miyo is in love with Kento. However, she doesn’t seem able to express her feelings or get his attention in the right way. One day, a magical cat sells her a mask that allows her to transform into a kitty, and so she uses this new gift to spend time with the one she loves. This film, while beautifully animated, is a love journey about unrequited love, following your heart, and self acceptance. It will twist your heart strings as you swoon over this roller coaster of a love story and ‘awww’ at all the kitties.

2) Disclosure

This documentary interviews trans workers in the film industry. Through their perspectives, Disclosure paints a picture through cinematic history of how trans people have been depicted and treated on the silver screen. This is a powerful story that lists a lot of good and bad representation throughout the years. Some of the examples are obvious while others are thought provoking. By the end, the documentary rests as a gateway from what has come before to where the future can be bright.

1) David Attenborough: A Life on our Planet

Climate change has been a serious topic for some time. Though it has been mocked and not taken seriously, Sir David Attenborough uses the remaining time he has on this planet to show us why we need to do more. By comparing the planet he knew, from his youth to what he sees today, this documentary chronicles the fast approaching destruction that we’ve led ourselves to. This is a beautiful piece to watch, and also quite depressing, as Sir David Attenborough leaves the future of our home in our own hands. The point of no return is coming, and it’s coming fast, and all this sweet old man wishes for is us to save the planet.

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