Where to Find Movies on Streaming

As the Holidays come upon us in this year of stress, it won’t be uncommon for someone to hop on their favorite streaming network and gasp in shock at how difficult it is to find their favorite movies. Truly, while on the surface, streaming boasts millions of titles at your fingertips, the most sought-after movies will be harder to find as their value to license skyrockets. Problems start snowballing fast when one recognizes their sought-after movie is streaming, but not under one they’re already paying for. Perhaps the movie they’re looking for is streaming, but they don’t know where. With new streaming apps popping up each year it can be quite difficult to keep track of where everything is going, and thankfully there is a way to find out where everything lies.

Letterboxd is a service that gained popularity with film fans over recent years. It allows you to keep track of films you’ve watched while also writing reviews, curating lists, and an assortment of other features. The service is free, but if you want to go more in-depth with your statistics you can pay for a pro-subscription or a patron-subscription. They partnered with JustWatch, another service that specializes in what is streaming where, so that films on Letterboxd have a section illustrating where you can watch certain films, which is available on any plan.

Where to watch – Specified Film

When looking for a specific film that you don’t own this can be a really easy search function. This feature shows up on the film’s home page and is easy to spot and tells you right away which service it can be found on. However, if you’re a film fan it’s almost expected that you have a list of films that you want to watch in the coming month, and finding where each film is streaming can be tedious when checking them one by one. Thankfully, there is an even cooler function that takes care of this problem.

First, on Letterboxd you can either create a list of every movie you want to watch or add the movies to your watchlist. Both work. Then follow these steps:

  • Go to your list of movies (or watchlist)
  • On the desktop version, there will be a bar above your list with a filter function for service. Pick a service you want to use. Viola!
  • On the app, enter settings (top right corner, two lines with the two circles)
  • Select “Service” at the bottom of your filters.
  • And then pick a service.

What you end up with are all the movies which you added to the list that are displayed under the service you pick. If you’re looking for something on Netflix and edit your settings to only show movies that are streaming on Netflix, that’s what your list will show you afterward. It’s a really simple, incredibly helpful, system that makes trying to find what to watch, and where to watch, less of a time consuming nightmare.

Owning physical media is a great way to make sure you always have (unaltered) movies regardless of wi-fi. But it’s understandable that it can be an expensive hobby that consumes quite a bit of space. Streaming does seem to be the norm, so those that are looking for that special Christmas movie, hopefully this will give you less stress during the season.

Happy Holidays~

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