Recommendation Roulette – September 2020

Welcome to our first monthly post! This is the section where all the lovely people at Random Movie Roulette recommend something that they’ve enjoyed this month for you, the reader. It can be a movie, book, video game, any type of media that they’ve enjoyed and think that would be worthwhile to share.

Louis’ Pick: 

Blood on the Tracks – Manga

Are you too happy? Too undisturbed? Boy, do I have the horror manga for you. Blood on the Tracks chronicles the most unhealthy mother-son relationship ever put to paper. I will not ruin anything regarding the plot. I will, however, tell you that this is not for the weak of heart. These terrifying relationships paired with Shuzo Oshimi’s expressive and haunting art style tell one of the most upsetting stories I have ever experienced.


Mike’s Pick:

Super Mario 3D All Stars – Video Game

Nintendo’s latest compilation of classic games re-released for the Nintendo Switch is a joyous, nostalgic trip through three generation-defining Mario adventures, which includes Super Mario 64 from the Nintendo 64, Super Mario Sunshine from the Gamecube, and Super Mario Galaxy from the Wii. For being a game from as primitive a console as the Nintendo 64, it’s miraculous just how well Super Mario 64 still holds up today as an enjoyable, fluid platformer, especially when so many other games from that era simply do not. Mario 64 set the precedent that all 3D Mario games up until Super Mario Odyssey have continued to follow, because as this game has proven, it is a classic, winning formula that allows for creativity and imagination as you explore new environments in fun and inventive ways. Even in this early iteration, going through new worlds, collecting stars, jumping on Goombas, and using new power-ups is just an absolute blast, and remains the standard by which all 3D platformers are held for good reason.

Super Mario Sunshine is a significant dip in quality as the controls are a little more slippery in comparison, though it makes sense since you’re running through water the entire time. It’s still an enjoyable platformer on its own with a beautiful tropical setting and lively soundtrack, but a notable downgrade when packaged in with two of the biggest titans in Nintendo’s history. Speaking of which, this entire collection is worth it for the chance to play Super Mario Galaxy on a modern console. An absolutely serene and blissful journey through the vast outreaches of space with that signature wholesome Mario charm. The ingenious implementation of gravity-shifting gameplay mechanics add new layers to the platforming genre and take full advantage of the setting. Flying gracefully from planet to planet, accompanied by the sublime orchestral score is nothing short of magical. While there have been no graphical or technological upgrades to any of the three games, which many fans have taken issue with, the games as they remain pure, timeless gameplay experiences.

Jack’s Pick:

Ted Lasso – TV Show

There’s probably not as many good reasons to have an Apple TV+ subscription in comparison to others, but if you did need one, Ted Lasso would top the list. The premise of the show is simple, as US football coach Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) is hired to coach a UK football team. The series originated from several NBC Spot promos Sudeikis did as the character, but I promise you it’s a thousand times better than Geico’s Cavemen.

Sudeikis does a great job of pulling off a character who is eternally happy-go-lucky but never obnoxious. The character is never portrayed as stupid or ditzy but just unflappable in his optimism and ability to inspire and build up those around him. the series even does a decent job adding in dashes of drama to keep the plot as interesting as it’s peppy lead and his antics. It’s certainly not belly laugh-a-minute gold, but it is likely to give you the warm fuzzies in a Bob’s Burgers-y kinda way.

Cody’s Pick:

Elantris – Novel

Elantris is an epic fantasy novel written by Brandon Sanderson. It follows three characters as their lives intersect. One is a fallen prince that has befallen a life changing disease. Another is a princess from a faraway kingdom that was widowed before her ceremony. Then there’s the high priest from the deadly country looking to conquer the world. Within their tales Elantris, the city of gods, rots and is a constant reminder to all that those in power can fall, and fall hard. Political intrigue, lost magic, clashing cultures. It is such an easy and fun read that all should check out, if you’re a fantasy fan.

We hope that you’ve had a splendid September because based on these picks I think it’s safe to say that we certainly did. Join us next month for some spooky (or not) recommendations and look out for some scary good content every week.

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